Hardware Items
Grooved fittings
MI/GI fittings
Nuts and bolts
SS fittings
MS Weldable/Threaded Fittings and Flanges
Boiler Pipes
Piping Insulation
Boiler burners spares

Electrical Items
Earthing Items
Copper Lugs and Ferrules
Brass Cable Glands
Insulated Lugs and Ferrules
Cable Ties
Insulation tape -Switches
PVC truckings
01 Conduit pipes and accessories
Industrial Plug and Sockets
DB and MCB

Electrical Items
LED Bulbs
Round and Square LED Surface lights
Solar Lights
LED Tube Rods
LED Rope Light
60X60 LED Panel Lights
Weather Proof LED fixtures
LED Flood lights

Gas Items
Manifold ( 2way, 3way, 4way)
Manifold fittings
Gas Valve
Gas detector
Gas Pigtail
SS Gas Hose pipe
Rubber Gas Hose Pipe
Gas Regulators
Pressure Gauge
Brass Gas Fittings

Water Treatment Chemicals